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Our Guarantee

No Need to print this I will have a copy printed at time of puppy pick-up

Tradewind Dachshunds
309 Preston Ct.
Fort Pierce Fl 34950
AKC Health Guarantee Contract
Puppy: ____________________________________________________________Date: ____/___/_____

In Consideration of the puppy or adult dog being purchased, Tradewind Dachshunds offers the following health purebred Puppy/Dog Guarantee.

1.This puppy is healthy and sound to the best of our knowledge and has been vaccinated for Canine Distemper, Adenovirus type 2, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus, and wormed on the dates indicated on the Puppy Health Record Provided at the time of purchase.
2.Should the puppy display signs of life-threatening genetic birth defects that he/she cannot live with and must be euthanized during his/her first 2 years * of life and a lifetime guarantee against IVDD (Genetic Back Disk Disease in dachshunds. This does not cover injury to the back from being overweight or from other sorts of injury. If the dog in question is overweight in the least then the IVDD guarantee is null and void. An injury would not be considered genetic), Tradewind dachshunds will replace the puppy with one of equal value as soon as one is available. Your Claim must be accompanied by a written certificate from a licensed veterinarian as to his/her diagnosis of such genetic birth defects and his/her recommendation of euthanasia. We, the sellers have a right to verify this by getting a second opinion from a licensed veterinarian of our choosing.
3.This health Guarantee only covers the matter specifically set forth above in paragraph 2. The health guarantee does not apply to any traumatic injury, disease, or illness.
4.** By ___________ the buyer must have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian and keep receipt of this in with your paperwork for future proof if we need to honor the guarantee. **
5.The Seller assumes no responsibility for the puppy after leaving the premises including all medical expenses. This sale is final and the seller will not accept the return of the puppy for any reason other than that in paragraph 2. The buyer may return puppy or dog to Tradewind’s at any time during the lifetime of the puppy or dog for sale with no money refunded and Tradewind dachshunds will then locate the puppy/dog a suitable pet home at that time. 
6.This puppy is purebred and pedigree is correct. For a puppy, the litter is registered with American Kennel Club (full registration), United All breed (limited registration). The puppy’s individual registration application or certificate will be provided to the buyer when payment is made in full (cash only final payment) for full registration. No papers will be provided for (limited registration) pet price puppies until proof of spaying or neutering is sent to Tradewind for you to receive those papers and you must allow 8 weeks for those papers to be sent back to you. Proof of the spaying and neutering must be done between 6 months to 7 months (no later) of age. If the 7-month age passes without proof then this puppy automatically falls into the no registration category. Full registration is available on a case by case basis. The puppy/dog must be of breeding quality/showing quality to be allowed full registration___________ Initial Here
7. As the buyer of this puppy, you agree to feed this puppy a good quality puppy food and dog food for their whole life and provide water always when possible as well as keeping him or her on Purina Pro plan lamb n rice puppy for at least 1 month before switching.  You also agree a dachshund is not an outdoor pet, so you will provide an indoor home life away from all elements of nature. You agree to have this puppy spayed or neutered by 6-8 months of age unless full registration was purchased at the time of sale or unless a prior agreement was discussed. You also agree that you are not buying this puppy to turn around and sell this puppy and you agree that this is this puppy’s permanent home. If we find out that you resell our puppy we have the right to sue you for double what you originally paid for our puppy for breach of contract. We do not knowingly sell puppies to brokers, puppy mills or pet shops. If I find out that this puppy was resold you will no longer qualify to be a potential home for a future puppy and understand that I cannot keep you from selling this puppy but can keep you from ever getting another of my puppies later in life and if I find out about the sale of this puppy without my knowledge then you also agree that you take the chance that you will be sued later. You also agree that you will keep this puppy on NuVet vitamins for his or her first two years of life. Any variation from paragraph 7 forfeits this guarantee. ____________Initial Here
8.This puppy was sold with Full (AKC) /limited (united all-breed) /No registration. __________________Initial Here
9.NuVet Vitamin Supplement must be used for the first two years of this puppy’s life or
10.Should any litigation arise regarding this puppy sold under this contract for any reason, you agree to try to settle this out of court and if not then you agree to pay all Tradewind Dachshund’s legal fees. _____________Initial Here
11.We do not guarantee against any external and internal parasites although this puppy will have been treated for that prior to leaving our premises. _______________Initial Here
12.No Guarantee on housebreaking, confirmation, breeding ability in full registration dogs/puppies, color, coat, or size. _________Initial Here
13.All Sales are Final, and this is a no money-back guarantee! _______________Initial Here
14.This contract is legally binding between all parties at the time of this sale. __________Initial here.

I have read the Tradewind Dachshund’s Puppy Guarantee and agree to its conditions.
Robin Feagan (Breeder) _________________________________________________________________

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